What Atrial Fibrillation Patients Want Doctors to Know: Bridging the Afib Communications Gap

EP Lab Digest

EP Lab Digest

Mellanie True Hills, founder of StopAfib.org, recently spoke at the Fourth Annual Western Atrial Fibrillation Symposium. Many of her remarks to this medical conference are summarized in an article just published in EP Lab Digest. You may wish to share it with family and friends who need to understand what it’s like to live with afib. And you may also recognize some of your input into the remarks that were shared with the doctors at the conference.

To learn more, see: Bridging the Afib Communications Gap: An Atrial Fibrillation Patient Perspective Published in EP Lab Digest

3 Responses to What Atrial Fibrillation Patients Want Doctors to Know: Bridging the Afib Communications Gap

  • Harold Heidler says:

    I’m a 95 year old male with, A Fib, an ex IBM programing field rep. I’ve been trained to fix problems that come up.
    I lost my sinous heart rythm about two years ago. none of the P. CARE Doctors that I’ve had offered to try to fix this. I had a stroke about 16 months ago and still have a blood clot in my brain. My sense of balance is screwed up, but I get around with out a walker.
    The first of the year I changed my P. Care Doctor again. She ordered a full blood review and then wanted to recheck my Thyroid again. This reminded me that I’d been on Iodine before. Useing my normat methods I did a Google search on Atrial Fib + Iodine. Without telling my Doctor I implimented a plan that I found and now believe I have a pretty good chance to get my heart working better.

  • i have had server afib sense 1998. in 2002 they put me a pace maker and just lately has had to turn my pace up one thing i forgot to say is that they took out my av node

  • Harold Heidler says:

    About 5 years ago while living in AZ I stopped in Blyth, CA for the night, shortly after falling asleep I had a heart attack and was taken by ambulence to a small town Emergency Room. They told me that I had an Iregular heart beat, which is pretty similar to A-Fib and gave me a shot of Diltiazem and a prescription to get more. which I did. Iv’e been taking Diltiazem ER 120MG ever since. If I take 3 per day it holds my heart rate down to 85 per min.. but A-Fib is still there, but at a slower rate. The Iodine supliment will hold the heart rate per min. down to the 60 range. my blood pressure gadjet stll detects IREGHB half of the time.

    The Iodine also prevents the muscle cramps in my thighs and butt muscles.

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