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Please Take This Survey to Help Researchers Study “As Needed” Use of Blood Thinners Using a Smart Watch

Update: This survey is now closed. We would appreciate your help with a survey to help a researcher at Northwestern University. He is working on developing a study into the use of blood thinners on an “as needed” basis compared to continuous use of blood thinners. If funded, the study would use a smart watch …

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Scholarships to Attend the 2019 Get In Rhythm. Stay In Rhythm. Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference

Do you want to attend the Afib Patient Conference, but need some help financially? If you know you can benefit from attending the Get In Rhythm. Stay In Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference August 9-11 in Dallas and would like to apply for the Fourth Annual Judy Currier Scholarship—or, you’re already attending but would like …

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Join the I-STOP-AFib Study to Test Your Atrial Fibrillation Triggers

I-STOP-AFib is a study focused on helping afib patients track and potentially test their personal afib triggers through the use of a smartphone app. This study will use online surveys and mobile technology to help you understand how everyday experiences and exposures (such as consuming alcohol, caffeine, going to bed at a different time, or …

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