Webinar, What you need to know about the CABANA Trial, with Dr. Douglas Packer of Mayo Clinic

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Since its completion, the CABANA Trial has gotten a lot of attention. You may have heard or read about it and wondered what its findings may mean for your own situation and treatment.

Sometimes, sorting through all the information you’re hearing can feel a bit overwhelming—especially when a lot of it is just opinion or baseless conclusions written by those who haven’t seen the actual data.

That’s why we decided to host a brand-new, complimentary webinar, What Afib Patients Should Know About the CABANA Trial, with CABANA Principal Investigator Douglas Packer, MD to set the record straight.

Dr. Packer is a world-renowned Mayo Clinic Afib Expert, and I spoke with him about why the CABANA Trial is so important and why its results are significant.

To learn more and sign up to watch the replay of this webinar, at no cost, go to:

New, complimentary webinar: What you need to know about CABANA Trial

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