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Having Atrial Fibrillation Procedure Within Two Years Slashes Risk of Afib Recurrence

Research shows the sooner an atrial fibrillation surgical procedure is done, the less likely afib is to recur. People in permanent atrial fibrillation who underwent surgery for other heart diseases and had a left atrial ablation procedure for AF at the same time were more likely to be afib-free if the procedure was done within …

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Dr. Michael Argenziano Talks About Atrial Fibrillation Procedure – Video

In Part 2 of's video interview with Dr. Michael Argenziano, of NY-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center, he discusses a trial that they are participating in that involves implanting a heart rhythm monitor after an atrial fibrillation procedure to see what a patient's rhythm looks like five, ten, and even twenty years later. Video Interview with …

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