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Learn About Atrial Fibrillation (Afib) with a New Guide

Whether you're an atrial fibrillation patient or caregiver, or are just interested in learning more about afib, check out the new Get Started Learning About Atrial Fibrillation Guide at You'll find a wealth of information, including: what afib is and the problems it causes, including stroke and congestive heart failure information about an afib …

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Sleep Apnea Multiplies Risk of Arrhythmias Like Atrial Fibrillation — Odds Are 18 Times Higher

Sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that disrupts breathing during sleep, is believed to be linked to atrial fibrillation (AF) but until now, we didn’t know if apnea could actually trigger arrhythmias like afib. Now a new study shows the odds of having an abnormal heartbeat are 18 times higher immediately after an apnea episode, compared …

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Blood Clots and Near-Stroke Motivated Survivor to Launch Atrial Fibrillation Month in September to Focus on Arrhythmia That Causes Stroke

This September, marks the third year of celebrating Atrial Fibrillation Month to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation (afib), an expensive and life-threatening irregular heartbeat that is a common cause of stroke. founder, Mellanie True Hills, knows the toll that atrial fibrillation takes on those with it and their families. After surviving blood clots …

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Impact of Atrial Fibrillation/Afib

Mellanie True Hills talks about the physical, emotional, and financial impact of atrial fibrillation on patients and their families through sharing her story. Share this with family and friends, and learn more at, the atrial fibrillation patient resource

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