Blood Clots and Near-Stroke Motivated Survivor to Launch Atrial Fibrillation Month in September to Focus on Arrhythmia That Causes Stroke - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

This September, marks the third year of celebrating Atrial Fibrillation Month to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation (afib), an expensive and life-threatening irregular heartbeat that is a common cause of stroke. founder, Mellanie True Hills, knows the toll that atrial fibrillation takes on those with it and their families. After surviving blood clots and a near-stroke during her first afib episode, she lived in constant fear of her next, always wondering if a deadly stroke was inevitable. As a patient who was unable to stabilize on Coumadin® (warfarin), a challenging blood thinner that helps avoid strokes, she was frightened that she was “a stroke walking around waiting to happen.”

Once she was cured surgically of this common cardiac arrhythmia, she couldn’t stand on the sidelines and watch others suffer so she started, for patients by patients. helps those living the nightmare of atrial fibrillation.

Since afib frequently isn’t diagnosed until after a stroke, or two, and identifying the problem can be a multi-year process, she has a sense of urgency around raising awareness of atrial fibrillation that only an afib survivor can possess.

Learn more about Atrial Fibrillation Month and living with afib at:
September 2009 is Atrial Fibrillation Month: patient resource raises awareness of expensive and life-threatening irregular heartbeat

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Stay tuned…there’s more coming. Let’s get some buzz going about atrial fibrillation this month. Thanks for your help in spreading the word about atrial fibrillation and helping to wipe out afib-related strokes.

One Response to Blood Clots and Near-Stroke Motivated Survivor to Launch Atrial Fibrillation Month in September to Focus on Arrhythmia That Causes Stroke

  • Kevin Stent says:

    I have got Permanent A/Fib as a result of a failed Mazed procedure by Dr John Riordan at Wakefield Hospital Heart Centre in Wellington New Zealand.
    Dr Roirdan relly could not care less as I see it and he has never been back to me about my problem.
    Sometimes it drives me nuts , he was very quick to say that he had a 80% plus success rate and take my money but I don’t think he had a clue about A/Fib , he did a good job of my Aorta Valve replacement but then just pocketed the money for the Failed Maze and really could not care less about me ???………Kevin Stent

    P.S …I am taking Warfarin and Beta Blockers but the A/fib sometimes drives me insane

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