Support Patient-Driven Afib Research on Giving Tuesday

Since today is Giving Tuesday, we’re asking for your help.

Giving Tuesday is the time of year when people around the world support what matters most to them. We’re not asking for donations for us but instead are asking for your support for patient-driven afib research.

At the Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference each year, you have met Prof. Bianca Brundel, a professor at the Amsterdam University Medical Center in The Netherlands. She leads research into understanding afib mechanisms and progression. She founded the nonprofit Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Platform to do studies in collaboration with afib patients. Her patient-driven research examines the underlying mechanisms into why specific supplements help those with afib.

At the patient conference, Prof. Brundel has shared her research for the past three years. She and her research team are helping us find solutions.

Thus, we are seeking donations to help with Prof. Brundel’s research that will benefit afib patients. The proceeds (after credit card fees) from all Giving Season donations this year will support her research—we will not keep any of those funds.

Will you help to support this vital patient-driven afib research through a charitable contribution? Donate here: 

Donate to support Afib Research

Or, if you have questions to help you donate through your retirement fund, please let us know.

Your contributions will make an impact. Thank you for your support of this vital patient-initiated research.

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