@stopafib to live-tweet from FDA hearing on Dabigatran to replace warfarin for afib

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Next Monday, September 20, 2010, StopAfib.org will be covering the FDA’s hearing on dabigatran (Pradaxa), the new alternative to warfarin, and will be “live-tweeting” from the hearing. Get first reports as they happen by following @stopafib on Twitter.

If you’re already on Twitter, just follow us from the toolbar at the bottom of this page. If not, learn how to follow us at http://bit.ly/cDdCkJ.

Also, stay tuned for more big news next week as this continues to be an exciting National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month.

2 Responses to @stopafib to live-tweet from FDA hearing on Dabigatran to replace warfarin for afib

  • afib have completely change my life it was never control and now when the heart didn’t pump but quivers now i have more blockages if you don’t have the right dr you are in trouble because they will surely say it is anxiety and when you do find one the others will say she has a history of panic attacks and you get no help but your afib contiue to get worse

  • Gudrun Smith says:

    I was dignosed with AF four years ago and have had a few such experiences since then. I am getting excellent care from my physician and yearly check up by ‘my’ cardiologist. Regular INR tests monthly, sometimes every other week depending on the test. I feel excited about the Dabigatran, where we patients can start enjoying all the wonderful K-vegs again but not least, not having to sometimes sit for an hour in wait for the INR test to be done. I am 78, active, play tennis and power walk. Life is wonderful, and a great hubby so what do I have to complain about! A happy Canadian from Niagara, Ontario.

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