Invites You to Track Your Atrial Fibrillation Information - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

The atrial fibrillation patient community is invited to try out myLifeLog, an application just for tracking afib patient experiences. After entering your medical information, you can share it with your healthcare providers—either online or printed—and continue to update it from appointment to appointment.

Learn more at: New Tool Lets You Track Your Atrial Fibrillation Patient Experiences

2 Responses to Invites You to Track Your Atrial Fibrillation Information

  • Cathy5920 says:

    I’m scheduled for my first ablation. I’m worried about the risks involved. I wonder how effective it is on someone like me who’s battled paroxysmal lone a. fib. for 8.5 yrs. I had an unsuccessful Mini-Maze in 2004, and can’t tolerate the drugs I’ve been prescribed, so I guess an ablation is the next step.

    My episodes have increased in frequency so that I’m having them about every other day lasting from an hour to 40 hrs each time. My quality of life sucks.

    I need some encouraging words…


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