Sleep Apnea Increases Atrial Fibrillation Risk - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

A new study just published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that increasing severity of sleep apnea is associated with a progressively increasing risk of atrial fibrillation and ventricular arrhythmias.

The type of sleep apnea matters:

It’s possible that treating sleep apnea could improve the arrhythmia, but there’s currently no proof of that. The study was done on men, but likely applies to women, too.

To learn more, read: Sleep Apnea Severity Increases the Risk of Atrial Fibrillation and Ventricular Arrhythmias

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  • We are a clinic in Sacramento, CA with a large database of patients with atrial fibrillation and sleep apnea. Our group of Neurologists would like to participate in clinical trials in order to better help these patients. Would you know of any team/sponsor/association that is looking for a research site regarding these two medical conditions combined?
    Thank you!
    Caroline (Research Coordinator)

  • John L. Bove says:

    I’ve had AF for 20 years. did not do anything including the poison called Coumidin…have been doing aspirin…and this year added Plavix…AFib has gotten to point where my breathing is really bad….am having knee replacement in two weeks…today in preadmission a nurse practicioner asked: “Do you have sleep apnea?” I said I wasn’t sure, but my wife is 100% certain and has been asking me to have a test. The nurse asked me to describe which I did, she is convinced I have sleep apnea. She said–it has probably caused the AF, or at least is making it worse. Ihave a half dozen cardiolgosts, a surgeon and others. I wonder why no one has suggested AF? Is it because the studies are inconclusive, and fairly recent?

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