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On July 13, Chase Community Giving will give away $5 million dollars to 200 non-profit organizations — $250K to one grand prize winner, $100K each to four runners up, and $20K each to 195 others.

Please vote for the Atrial Fibrillation Blog’s sponsor, It’s easy and should only take a minute. To vote, just click on the graphical button below, then click on the green “Get Started” icon and sign into your existing Facebook account or sign up for a new one. Once you’re signed in, click “Allow” to let the application access your account.

Voting ends July 12, so please vote for us and ask family and friends to do so, too. Thanks so much for your help to continue bringing you the latest atrial fibrillation news and research.

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8 Responses to Please vote for to win $250K from Chase

  • Diana Shikiar says:

    Mellanie True Hills is providing an invaluable service to people like myself who have found themselves mystified by the vagaries of atrial fibrillation. Her research has proved invaluable, and this award would be sure to keep her providing the information we so badly need.

    Thank you.
    Diana Shikiar

    • Mellanie says:


      Thank you so much. That is so kind of you to say. Please ask family and friends if they can help. Thanks, again.


  • I do not know how Mellanie Truehills does it, but the amount of knowledge I have been able to take to my cardiologist concerning my Lone Atrial Fib treatment is unbelievable. Unbenounced to her and her website, she has become an active part in my care to include my medications.

    I am so grateful for the invaluable information she has provided.


    Judith Arnold

  • John Graf says:

    Essential topical information for AFib sufferers. STOPAFIB,org and Melanie True Hills are outstanding .

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  • John says:

    Nine days ago at the Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas, Dr. James R. Edgerton performed a totally thorascopic maze procedure to stop my A Fib of more than 10 years. Since the procedure I have had minimal pain, no blood loss, but most important NO ATRIAL FIBRILLATION!!! You don’t have to live with a-fib, please have your cardiologist make an appointment for you….

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