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A new mini maze procedure developed by Dr. John Sirak at Ohio State University is a promising new treatment for persistent atrial fibrillation as it closely replicates the “gold standard” Cox Maze III lesion set in the heart’s left atrium.

This “five box” thoracoscopic maze procedure may be better able to treat persistent AF specifically because it is closer to the Cox Maze III lesion set. It isolates the left and right pulmonary veins and creates two additional compartments on the dome and floor of the left atrium.

Early results are promising in that 96% of patients were free from afib and off antiarrhythmic drugs at six months.

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New Mini Maze Procedure Shows Promise for Treating Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

4 Responses to New Five Box Maze Procedure Is Promising Treatment for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

  • Jane says:

    I have had afib for 10 years. I am an otherwise healthy 63 year old female.
    I have had an ablation and it did not work. I have a pace maker. I am on high doses of anti arythmic medications and nothing is working. I am considering having the five box maze surgery at Ohio state univ. Ross heart hospital. Has anyone had this surgery or knows anything about it. Please respond/ Thanks so much, Jane

  • Bob muenckler says:

    Hello all, I’m Bob Muenckler, And I Got AMAZZED by Dr. John Sirak…on 6-15-11 was the date of my 5 Box Maze Procedure… The next day I as Tap Dancing down the hPleaseall of the hosp. I/V tubes & chest tubes It’s AMAZZING…Please call me @ 310-613-5413 I will tell all… including how to make this work for YOU… It is easy when you have the winning combination…Dr.John Sirak The Best Heart Dr. in the WORLD….He is a ONE MAN ARMY for YOUR Health & Welfare….Trust Me I am Living Pruff…call me…P.S. Dr.Sirak also had my Defibalator Removed along with the Wires 5 days after the AMAZZING Procedure… I was dicharged from the hosp. on 6-22-11…Flew to Cal to enjoy the rest of My Life…. Again I say THANK YOU …Dr. John Sirak

  • Bill Ranken says:


    I just saw your post. I would like to talk to you. I spoke with Dr. Sirak last night. I have had 1 aflutter ablation and 3 afib ablations (considering a 4th) at Hopkins and still symptomatic. I just learned about the 5 box and would like to hear more. If you don’t mind I would like to call you at your convenince. Thank you.

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