Join us for a Restoring Life’s Rhythm Webinar, Hosted by Medtronic

During National Afib Month, Join us for a Restoring Life’s Rhythm Webinar

For National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month, I’m excited to moderate two free afib webinars being hosted by Medtronic.

  • The September 20, 2022 webinar features Dr. Amin Al-Ahmad, Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiologist at Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia in Austin, TX.
  • The September 24, 2022 webinar features Dr. Ilyas Colombowala, Chairman of cardiology and cardiac surgery at Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise, ID.

In each webinar, they will share their approaches to detecting, treating, and providing ongoing heart monitoring for their Afib patients. Then you’ll have an opportunity to participate in an open Q&A session that I will moderate.

I hope you can join us.

Learn more and register at Restoring Life’s Rhythm: Webinars Hosted by Medtronic.

2 Responses to Join us for a Restoring Life’s Rhythm Webinar, Hosted by Medtronic

  • Neil Rodwell says:

    I live in England first AFib episode November 2019 (aged 62). Unsuccessful cardioversion in December 2019 (back in rhythm for only 4 days). Went on to Amiodarone then Covid broke out meaning although it successfully restored normal rhythm I stayed on it for too long suffering awful side effects so my consultant advised to stop taking it. Sure enough my heart soon went back into AF. I eventually had an ablation procedure in June 2022 and have since been back in normal rhythm for over 3 months checking daily. Still on Apixaban and Bisoprolol and would really like to stop taking them but my follow up ‘telephone’ consultation isn’t until April 2023. I’m currently swimming 3 times a week but still feel somewhat lethargic/tired which I believe is down to the beta-blockers slowing down my ‘now normal’ heart-rate unnecessarily. What to do? Maybe leave it a few more weeks then contact the nurses at my cardiology unit for advice?

    • says:

      Hi Neil,

      Thank you for sharing. You may be interested in joining our patient discussion forum ( to connect with other patients who collectively have a great amount of knowledge and experience. You may want to post your story and questions there, and you may also learn a lot from others who have already shared their experience.

      You’ll need to join to see and participate in the discussion. To do so, go to, and click on the big red button that says, “Sign Up”. Once you sign up by registering your email address, your preferred username, and a password, you’ll receive an email to confirm your interest in joining the forum. Click on the confirmation link in that email, and you are ready to go. You’ll be able to log into the forum, read the discussions, and participate. I hope that you are able to find others to connect with there that can give you advice, suggestions, and hope.

      There are many resources on living with afib that you might find helpful.

      For more information on afib and afib management, we have many resources available to you.
      • News Stories on afib
      • Patient Resources at
      • Library: If you already have an account, you can log in here: To create an account, go here:

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