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Do you ever feel that your brain isn’t functioning to the best of its ability? Do you ever feel like you have brain fog, low energy, or poor memory?

Brain issues are common as we age, but they are NOT normal! That’s why I’m thrilled to introduce you to my dear friend, Tana Amen, and her husband, Dr. Daniel Amen, who teach people about the Brain & Body connection.

They are offering our community, for a limited time, their two most popular TV shows, based on their best-selling books. They really want you to understand how important this is…

• Use Your Brain to Change Your Age (Focus on this one first)
• The Omni Health Revolution

Get your copies of their two most popular TV shows

Your brain controls everything you do.

When it works right, you work right.

When your brain is troubled, you have trouble with your health, mood, memory, sleep, finances, your physical health, and even your relationships.

When you get access to these two very special shows, one of the very powerful topics you’ll learn about is how to use food to heal your brain and body, and which foods are best for your brain type.

Plus, after you register for these two awesome giveaways, you’ll get access to the details of a very special live event coming up in Orange County, California, on June 20th.

This ‘Brain & Body Turnaround’ event will focus on a truly integrated system for better memory, energy, focus, weight and overall health. I highly encourage you to take a look at the complete details on this upcoming event.

(Remember, you’ll see a link for those details on the ‘Thank You’ page after registering for their incredible giveaway shows!)

Get your copies of their two popular shows

If you aren’t familiar with Dr. Daniel Amen and his wife Tana…

Dr. Amen is a 9-time NY Times Bestselling author. His recent book, The Daniel Plan (co-authored with Rick Warren and Dr. Mark Hyman), was a #1 NY Times Bestseller for many weeks.

Tana Amen, his wife, is also a NY Times bestselling author. Besides ‘The Omni Diet’, Tana has written five other books promoting health and wellness.

Together, Tana and Daniel have raised more than $52 million for public television with their wildly popular educational shows about brain/body health!!

If you act quickly, you will also receive an Omni “Quick Start Guide” to help get you going, as well as a “Brain Type Questionnaire”, to help you determine what type of brain you have, so you can optimize it today!

P.S. It’s a bit unusual for me to share this kind of information as it isn’t directly about atrial fibrillation, but I am fascinated by what I think might be the potential to reverse some of the effects that atrial fibrillation has on the brain.

In addition, we have seen evidence that catheter ablations can cause micro-lesions in the brain, and I have to wonder if there is something here to help with that issue, too.

My dear friend, Tana Amen, and her husband, Dr. Daniel Amen, the famous brain doctor whom you have probably seen on PBS, are hosting a 2 ½ day event in June about Optimizing Your Brain Health. I find this quite intriguing for afib patients. I would love to attend, but have a previous conflict.

Just a note: If you decide to attend their event, Daniel & Tana will donate a small amount from your registration fee to, but that is definitely NOT why I’m sharing this with you. I am so fascinated by the potential of identifying brain issues from atrial fibrillation and even more intriguing, the potential of lifestyle interventions to help with them.

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