Has Your Insurance Company Forced You to Change Medications?

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We’re hearing more and more stories about insurance companies forcing patients to change from medications they are doing well on to less expensive medications, in spite of their wishes or those of their doctors.

While that usually is not a problem, we’re hearing about more and more adverse events resulting from these medication changes (non-medical switching).

If this has happened to you, please read how you can share your experiences with us and with someone empowered to make changes.

To learn more, see:

Have You Had an Adverse Event Caused by Non-Medical Switching?

4 Responses to Has Your Insurance Company Forced You to Change Medications?

  • Jack warner says:

    What med are they talking about??? I take multiagency and it concerns me ( meds reactions) the cost to me in co-pay is $45.00.
    For a month. According to billings there cost is around $400.
    What other mess available. At lower cost that might work????

    • Brenna Lara says:

      Hi Jack,

      You may be interested in joining our patient discussion forum (http://forum.stopafib.org/index.php) to connect with other patients who collectively have a great amount of knowledge and experience. You may want to post your story and experience there, and you may also learn a lot from others who have already shared their experience.

      You’ll need to join to see and participate in the discussion. To do so, go to forum.stopafib.org, and click on the big red button that says, “Sign Up”. Once you sign up by registering your email address, your preferred username, and a password, you’ll receive an email to confirm your interest in joining the forum. Click on the confirmation link in that email, and you are ready to go. You’ll be able to log into the forum, read the discussions, and participate. I hope that you are able to find others to connect with there that can give you advice, suggestions, and hope.

      You can view a how-to video here: http://getinrhythm.com/how-to-register-on-forum

      There are many resources on living with afib that you might find helpful. For more information on afib and afib management, we have many resources available to you.
      • News Stories on afib http://www.stopafib.org/news.cfm
      • Patient Resources at MyAfibExperience.org
      • Afib Blog
      • Video Presentations from the 2015 Atrial Fibrillation Patient Event

      Best of luck to you! We wish you sinus rhythm.

  • Becca says:

    Is there a way to get the Rythmol ER covered? Medicare wants $500 per month for it. I can’t afford that…along with the other meds I take. Solution? Stroke?

    • Brenna Lara says:

      Hi Becca,

      Check out the GSK Rythmol patient assistance program at https://www.gskforyou.com, where you may be able to get coupons and free offers, and even free medications depending on your household income.

      If you see my response to Amy, I would recommend reaching out on our patient forum for advice. You can find it here (http://forum.stopafib.org/index.php) and can connect with other patients who collectively have a great amount of knowledge and experience. I sincerely hope that this will help you with your questions. Best of luck to you, and please let me know if I can help in any other way.

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