Get a Free Month of the QALY App (Limited Time Offer)

With the QALY App, you can get your Kardia, Apple Watch, Fitbit, and Samsung ECGs reviewed by cardiographic technicians.

The QALY app was developed by a team from Stanford and Berkeley led by cardiac electrophysiologist, Dr. Marco Perez. Many of you may remember him from the 2019 patient conference where he spoke on Digital Health and on stroke prevention medications at our 2022 patient conference. In addition, Dr. Perez was a co-principal investigator on the Apple Heart Study, so he knows digital tools and ECGs.

This fascinating app gives you 24/7 access to a human expert’s second opinion about your ECGs. I’ve been surprised by all the extra information I’ve received on my ECG readings as part of my second opinion.

Just upload an ECG taken by a Kardia, Apple Watch, Fitbit, or any other ECG device to get your second opinion. Then, within about 30 minutes (at least that is what it took for me), you’ll receive a second opinion on your ECG from a cardiographic technician. and QALY are collaborating to provide you with a special one-month-free offer (after the free month, the price will be $30/month or $180/year). This offer is available exclusively to those who follow us at!

The free-month promotion will last until November 24 at 9 am PST. If you get in before November 24, your first month of unlimited ECG reviews on QALY is 100% free.

To get this special free-month deal on the QALY app, just click on this link from your phone:

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