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I’m an information junkie. I admit it. It’s my weakness. That’s why I LOVE following health writers on Twitter to get the latest health news instantly. In TweetDeck, my current Twitter tool of choice, I’ve set up a Group column just for Health Media tweets so that all the latest health news streams into one place. I love it.

If you’re like me, and want to follow the latest health news, check out our list of whom StopAfib follows on Twitter. I’ve just added a new section for health and medical journalists and media. You’ll find folks like @RitaRubin and @LisaCollierCool, whom I retweet a lot. You’ll also find lots of atrial fibrillation and heart health resources to follow as well.

See: Health & Media Journalists on Twitter

Please tweet me with whom you follow on Twitter with interesting health and medical information.

Just a note — if you tweet about atrial fibrillation, please also use the #afib hash tag.

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