Dr. Peter Kowey Discusses New Atrial Fibrillation Treatments – Video

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In this video interview at Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium, Dr. Peter Kowey, President of the Main Line Health Heart Center, talked about a number of exciting new things in the atrial fibrillation world. His topics included the Cabana clinical trials, the Safari catheter ablation registry, dronedarone as a replacement for amiodarone, atrial selective drugs, and coming replacements for Coumadin (warfarin).
Watch the video:

Interview with Dr. Peter Kowey at Boston Atrial Fibrillation Symposium

2 Responses to Dr. Peter Kowey Discusses New Atrial Fibrillation Treatments – Video

  • I have suffered from heart disease since September 2006. I had a defibrillator placed in my chest to prevent rapid heart beats. I was placed on Metoprolol, Lisinopril, Furosemide (water pill) and Aspirin. Everything was going great until February 2010. The first week in February i passed out in th shower safe to say my defibrillator fired. I saw my cardiologist the same week. He prescribed Amiodarone. It has helped with the rapid heart beats but i have been suffering side effects like crazy. I need help. I have dizziness, lightheadedness, high blood pressur, constipation and shortness of breath. I have been on Aminodarone for eight months now. I understand that Aminodarone is a great drug but the side effects are terrible. I do not want to die, i just want to have a normal life again. I resarched on the medication. Is it possible i can take Dronedarone? Please help.

    • Mellanie says:

      Dronedarone is a safer alternative to amiodarone. However, I’m not a medical person and can’t give advice, and your situation is also very complex. Have you seen an electrophysiologist (a cardiologist that specializes in heart rhythms)? An EP should know all the options for you and may be able to provide more options. Good luck with it.

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