Dr. James Edgerton Consults with an Afib Patient About Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Options – Video

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In this video, Dr. Edgerton consults with an afib patient and caregiver about such atrial fibrillation treatment options as medication, cardioversion, catheter ablation, Cox maze surgery, and the minimally invasive (mini maze) surgical procedure.

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Dr. James R. Edgerton Discusses Treatment Options with an Atrial Fibrillation Patient and Caregiver – Video

2 Responses to Dr. James Edgerton Consults with an Afib Patient About Atrial Fibrillation Treatment Options – Video

  • Michael says:

    I’d like to know more about the recovery period when you have the Cryoablation, is there months for recovery? how long before I can workout again? what are the chances it won’t work? can I get rid of the blood thinners as well as cardezim. I had the cardioversion done 3 time in a 9 mouth period none worked more then 2 weeks. I’m in L.A. California. When I workout now there are times my heart rate shoots up to 230bpm then I slow up and it comes back down to 150 to 180 what I consider a normal heart rate while doing cardio workouts. I’m just really now after 4 years of thinking of doing the ablation and I found out about this Cryoablation catheter system. Please inform me on this whole thing. Thanks

    • Mellanie says:


      You can learn more about ablation recovery here: What to Expect After Catheter Ablation

      I would expect the recovery time for cryoablation to be about the same as for a radio frequency catheter ablation, which is usually a few days to a few weeks. Your doctor will advise as to when workouts can be resumed. Since intense workouts are the cause of afib for some people, some opt not to return to their pre-ablation workout intensity in order to avoid bringing the afib back.

      Generally you will be kept on blood thinners for 3-6 months afterwards, until it can be confirmed that you have no more afib. Use of rate and rhythm medications afterwards varies from doctor to doctor.

      Hope this helps.


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