Dr. James Cox Discusses the Cox Maze Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation — Video

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In commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Cox Maze procedure for atrial fibrillation, Dr. James Cox sat down with us to talk about the history of the Cox Maze procedure, and how it has evolved in the past 25 years. To watch the video, or read the transcript, see:

The Cox Maze Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation — Video Interview with Dr. James Cox


3 Responses to Dr. James Cox Discusses the Cox Maze Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation — Video

  • The Rev. Dr. William Veinot says:

    After I viewed the web video, I clapped. I am presently on medical leave after having the Cox Maze after three failed earlier ablations (and two dangerous perforations!) for lone atrial fibrillation. This operation, the Cox Maze, is often “trashed” by leaders on other patient centered websites because it is open heart and complications are often overly highlighted in these websites. I would like to thank Mellanie for choosing NOT to do this. This operation is the “GOLD STANDARD” in atrial fibrillation cure for a reason, it works! I’m a new man… honestly. I wish I had this operation earlier and saved all the pain and heartache of ablation after ablation and other hospital stays to numerous to mention. Everyone who sees me tells me I look like a new man, thank you Dr. Cox.

  • peggy Smith says:

    I’m patient number 312 of Dr. Cox Maze Procedure. I had the operation at Georgetown Medical Center on May 4, 1999. I consider myself so lucky to have Dr. Cox perform his Maze procedure on me. I was 45 and had uncontrollable atrial Fib. I am still in sinus rhythm after all these years and I owe Dr. Cox so much for a better life and perfect heart beats! I cannot ever repay him for improving my life but will always be indebted and grateful for this man and his dedication to finding the perfect solution to afib! Bless you Dr. Cox! You fixed my heart and will be in my heart forever!
    Peggy Smith

    • Brenna Lara says:

      Hi Peggy,

      Thank you for sharing your story. That is great news! You may be interested in joining our patient discussion forum (http://forum.stopafib.org/index.php?act=idx) to connect with other patients who collectively have a great amount of knowledge and experience. You may want to post your story there, and you may also learn a lot from others who have already shared their experience.

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