3 Responses to Dr. Anne Cahill on Arrhythmias and Omega-3 Fatty Acids — Video

  • (Mr.) Jackie Hornsby says:

    I watched with interest the short video of Dr. Anne Cahill on Omega-3 fatty acids.

    My cardiologist put me on Omega-3, as I cannot tolerate Statins. As a result, my cholesterol is barely measurable and slightly over 100.

    I use the only prescription Omega, LOVAZA. Research will show it to be superior to fish oils and as a prescription is covered by Medicare and insurance.

  • Larry Lozier says:

    Why does Dr Cahill say ‘not 7 times per week? I’ve read that after a certain amount omega 3s can exacerbate heart arrythmias. True or any additional info? And what if you eat fatty fish 3 times per week – is the additional supplementation then not recomended. Love to have clarity on this.

  • Mellanie says:


    Dr. Cahill’s comment was related to rigorous scientific research showing that to be the optimal amount.

    You should count the fish into your total intake of Omeag-3s and supplement if necessary.


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