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A recent study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology evaluated 137 patients who had undergone closure or removal of the left atrial appendage (LAA) during maze or mini maze surgery and found a high failure rate and that surgical LAA closure may not always protect against blood clots or strokes.

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  • Elizabeth says:

    Could you talk a little bit about the new proedures that
    are having success? in regard to your last paragragh
    Where does Dr. D. at Washinton University, St. weigh in? Is there a chsnce to get hisor another Dr.’sopinion.
    Thank you for this web site a million times.

  • EKIZABETH says:

    I am one of he people that a Dr. underestimated my Afib, due to very few indicators, shortness of breath, sweating and I thought irregular heartbeat-2007
    2008 I was told I was too heavy and had metobolic syndrome,high BP – take my meds.(I am a school teacher/speaker) then dismissed. Pulse shot to 155 for 3 days, in to ER 48hr.later back in sinus R. Sinus R lasted 2 days and back out – high pulse/flutter. Put on Rythmol without being put in hospital or protected from the Blood clots that had formed. Told to take .81 aspirin.Dismissed.
    24hrs. later atter Rthymol kicked in…
    I had a stroke. Dismissed
    2 weeks in hospital. Thank God andnot this paticular Dr., I have had a full recovery. No heart disease.
    Lone A-Fib with BP 140/90s
    I re-ferred myself to the Prairied Heart Institute Springfield, Illinois for ablation:
    Flutterablation 7/08. No flutter to date. Dr. Records sent to PH Dr. didnot tell the PH Dr. Afib was diagnosed. Dr. here refused after care. Dismissed.
    Dismissed. Dismissed.Talk about afib and not focused docs.
    PH Dr. just did flutter. I found another cardiologist.
    for at home, who is using Beta Blockers.
    This brings me to cumadin, which I fight with
    and the Left App. . I am so disasppointed in this small trial. Eager to hear more and would be willing to help round up information. I was so hoping Dr. D. in St. Louis and the Mini Maze ablation L Ap. removal would match. Ablations do not work with L AP, correct?
    I maybe could tsake aspirin then vs the cumadin. The report I was given on the Watchman was that for now it was not getting the results needed for public vs clinical trial use.
    Any suggestions?
    I have been listening to you on Em-power Her………………
    Tried repeatedly to form AFIB support group here in
    my town. Dr.s will not support….want to be in control of
    all info prior to any meetings. PCP and Cardiologists.
    Found support at Prairie Heart, but it is 2 hour drive.
    Thank you again a million times for this website.
    Just one story. Thanks for listening.
    The Clueless Dr. I was dealing with still is indicating
    that Afib is just inconvienent, my fault for having the
    stroke. Nice Guy.

  • Mellanie says:


    I’m so sorry about all that you have been through. Stories like yours make me so upset because they just shouldn’t happen. Especially the stroke.

    About your question–your’e correct that catheter ablations do not include removal or stapling of the left atrial appendage. Surgery is on the outside of the heart, but catheter ablation is inside the heart, so the left atrial appendage can’t be reached in catheter ablation.

    Having had a stroke, you sure don’t want to fool around and risk another.

    As I wrote recently, one patient said that if she had one wish it would be to be cured of afib. If she had a second wish it would be that every doctor could experience afib just once as it would change how they treat those with afib. So very true. They would no longer consider it benign.

    Thanks, again, for your kind words.


  • Jerren says:

    Aloha Mellanie!
    I had a catheter ablation done in Dec 2010. In July 2011, the electro physicist said it was okay for me to stop the Coumadin. I then sufferred (what turned out to be) two strokes with the last one occurring on 24 Sep. Fortunately, the damage is a portion of my upper right peripheral vision. I am paranoid about being on a blood thinner and would like to know if I should pursue the Mini Maze option.

    Malama pono,


    • Mellanie says:


      I am so sorry about the strokes. Have they done a Holter monitor to see how much afib you are having?

      One advantage of the mini maze (and maze) is that they can close off the left atrial appendage, significantly decreasing the stroke risk. That may certainly be an option if you’re having a fair amount of afib. It’s worth asking about.


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