Can Writing Help Atrial Fibrillation? - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

My friend, Dr. Ellen Taliaferro, used to be an emergency room doctor. Today she uses her expertise in dealing with trauma to help people use writing to recover from their illnesses and traumas.

I sent her a message the other day saying that maybe wellness writing can not only cure chronic diseases but perhaps even prevent them in the first place. That came from research I’d just read about from Arizona State University that writing can lower cholesterol and give you a healthier heart. Dr. Taliaferro just wrote about writing as a heart-healthy prevention strategy in her blog.

So if writing can relieve stress and give you a healthier heart, can it help with atrial fibrillation, especially afib triggered by stress? Could be worth a try.

Dr. Taliaferro is doing some workshops on Seeking Wellness Story by Story in beautiful Half Moon Bay, CA in April. If you attend, please let us know if it helps your afib.

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