5 Responses to Atrial flutter cured by catheter ablation and reduces atrial fibrillation risk

  • Douglas Noble says:

    I had catheter ablation for Atrial Flutter on 7/14/14. I “may” have had a Afib event four days previous, Had one on the table and have had two AFib events since (7/29 and 7/31)… both in the early morning. Super hydrated the evening of 7/29 and didn’t have one, super hydrated the evening of 7/30 and had one, but with a lesser heart rate…

  • Kayty says:

    I had a-fib that turned to a-flutter which they used an ablation to cure. Returned to the hospital a week later in a-fib with a heart in the 200s. Now taking bp meds to control heart rate and on an anti-arrhythmic for 2 weeks. My cardiologist said a-fib will continue to happen to me for the rest of my life but hey, my a-flutter is cured. 😛

  • Tina says:

    Diagnosed with A Flutter 3/2008. Cardioversion successful. 2nd episode 09/2008; ablation and beta blocker. 2 weeks later, 3Rd episode and 2nd ablation.Flecanide started, then stopped due to more flutter. Cardioversion successful. More beta blocker. 1/2009 more flutter, 3rd ablation. This ablation damaged SA node, thus requiring pacemaker due to low heart rate. Still on beta blocker. Have had 10 or 11 cardioversions. Last year went 11 months without cardioversions. Had 2-3 episodes that converted spontaneously after 4-12 hours.

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