Afib Patient Guide and Blood Thinner Decision Worksheet - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

If you’re new to our community, please check out these tools when deciding whether to take blood thinners. Even if you have used them previously, things may have changed about your afib, so it may be worth looking at them again.

These tools come from the ENHANCE-AF (Engaging Patients to Help Achieve Increased Patient Choice and Engagement for AF Stroke Prevention) Trial that our founder helped with.  

The American Heart Association funded the trial. The principal investigators were at Stanford University, and the other trial sites included East Carolina University, Ochsner Health System, The Cleveland Clinic, and The Cooper Health System.

Learn more and access these tools at:

Afib Guide and Blood Thinner Decision Worksheet for Patients

Warmest regards,

Mellanie True Hills and the Team

For patients by patients

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  • Rosemarie McIntyre says:

    Thank you! It is so helpful to have this information, especially presenting it in sections, that I can refer back to, as needed.

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