Afib Master Class with Dr. Eric Prystowsky: Catheter Ablation Videos Now Available - For Patients. By Patients - Stop Atrial Fibrillation

You can now watch the next set of videos in our no-cost master class with world-renowned electrophysiologist Dr. Eric Prystowsky. In this set of videos, Dr. Prystowsky answers the questions he hears most frequently from patients about catheter ablation.

When you watch these videos, you’ll discover some of the considerations your doctors make when deciding whether an ablation procedure should be part of your treatment plan, including the concept of whether there is a “window of opportunity” to have a successful ablation, and what your other options might be. Dr. Prystowsky shares his insight on how to choose a provider if you and your doctors decide an ablation is right for you. Finally, he shares his insights on the important and influential CABANA Study and its implications for people living with afib.

Note: If you haven’t heard of the CABANA Study, or have heard of it but aren’t sure what it means, we encourage you to watch the videos about it. Its implications may have an impact on what you discuss with your doctors as you develop your treatment plan.

Go here now to watch the third set of videos where you’ll discover some important considerations to make when you and your doctors are discussing catheter ablation:

Afib Master Class With Dr. Eric Prystowsky — Catheter Ablation

2 Responses to Afib Master Class with Dr. Eric Prystowsky: Catheter Ablation Videos Now Available

  • Kristi Krutsinger says:

    Recently new to afib, 3 episodes.
    I truly believe it’s my breathing! Thank u for the great and in depth info.
    The blog and this site are a bit complicated to follow. The videos are hard to launch…. thank you for working hard to figure out the mysteries in this area.
    Kristi Krutsinger
    Paso Robles ca

    • Brenna Lara says:

      Hi Kristi,

      You’re welcome for the information. How can we make the blog less complicated to follow and the videos easier to launch? Can you explain why it was so difficult? We would love to make it easier for everyone.

      Also, you may be interested in joining our patient discussion forum ( to connect with other patients who collectively have a great amount of knowledge and experience. You may want to post your specific questions there, and you may also learn a lot from others who have already shared some questions and answers.

      Have a great day!

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