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Get life-changing info. Get your life back.

We recently wrapped up the 2021 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, and to sum it up … it was life-changing.

A real-life case in point: Sydell Howitt said, “This was my first conference, and it has been the most valuable and productive thing I’ve done in years! As an afib patient, I felt overwhelmed and alone in dealing with my increasing afib episodes. I now am overwhelmed with joy. And hope!

Another attendee said, “The conference was informative and perhaps even life-saving.”

For someone living with afib, the information presenters share during the conference can truly be life-altering.

The recordings of the conference are now available in our Library, which means you now have access to the most up-to-date afib information, shared by the experts in afib.

Follow this link to get access to them, at a fraction of their true value:

Get Life-Changing Information From The World’s Afib Experts.

When you go to the link and sign up to get access to the recordings, you’ll be able to see all regular general sessions, including presentations, panels, and Q&As, plus intros and outros that include interviews with sponsors, co-sponsors, and promotional partners. You’ll also receive a printable program book that includes the agenda, faculty bios, information about sponsors, and a place to take notes.

In short, this information is invaluable.

Based on the feedback we’ve received so far, attendees agree:

“Best conference I have ever been to.”

“I would have paid twice what I paid for this conference.”

“This was the best virtual conference that I have ever attended. It was well-planned. The speakers were not only state-of-the-art professionals, but they were also compassionate, sensitive, and truly interested and concerned about their patients. The information I acquired from this conference has changed my life forever.”

Top-notch, wonderful, lifesaving. I’m so impressed with the speakers. Wow, the best of the best.”

“Oh my goodness, this was a life-changing conferenceI once again feel hopeful of getting back quality of life and being involved in life again. The entire conference topics, speakers, and information were beyond my expectations.”

“Excellent! It was the best use of my time. It was well planned and executed. Extremely informative and probably saved my life. Thank you.” 

“AWESOME! AMAZING! WOW! So many of my questions were answered in the presentations in addition to questions I didn’t know to ask … I am so very glad I found out about the conference and that I chose to pay and watch the entire conference.”

When you watch the recordings, you’ll hear the very same information these attendees found so valuable.

If you weren’t able to attend the Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference live this year, then purchasing access to the recordings is the next best thing. You’ll still get the life-changing information, the up-to-the-minute research, and the new knowledge to discuss with your healthcare team … and you can watch it all at your convenience (as many times as you’d like).

Here’s that link again where you can purchase access to the recordings (which are housed in our Library):

Enjoy Life Again.

We’re offering the recordings because we know the conference has the potential to change the way you live with afib, and we don’t want you to miss it. 

To your health,

Mellanie True Hills


P.S. Our aim at is to provide you with the best information you need to enjoy life again in spite of your afib, or to help you get rid of it all together. We want to support you in improving your quality of life while preventing afib-related strokes. This is our labor of love, and we have seen this year and in past years how this conference truly can change lives and save lives.

We know because we’ve heard it from attendees who are living with afib that the information at this conference is just too important to miss. That’s why we make the recordings available to view. You can get them here: Learn From The True Experts, On Your Schedule.

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