2021 Virtual Atrial Patient Conference Opening Keynote

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Dr. Eric Prystowsky, ally and advocate.

June 3, 2021

  • Summary: 2021 Conference opening keynote: Dr. Eric Prystowsky, ally and advocate.
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If any single afib expert has played a role in getting the afib patient community a “place at the table” with our doctors, it’s Dr. Eric Prystowsky. He is a true ally and advocate for patients and their loved ones, and has helped ensure that the people who make decisions about our care are able to consider our concerns, needs, and wishes.

He’s also the world’s foremost afib icon, and one of the many well-respected afib experts you’ll hear from at this year’s Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, August 6–8. Registration is now open, here.

It’s a privilege that such a world-renowned expert as Dr. Prystowsky, the most sought-out electrophysiologist at medical conferences worldwide, joins us each year at the patient conference to speak directly to you. This year, we’re even more fortunate that he is giving our opening keynote, in which he will share with you his patient-centered wisdom developed through decades of treating afib patients.

During the keynote, Dr. Prystowsky will provide guidance for afib patients and their loved ones gleaned from his extensive experience. After all, he’s the one who wrote the textbooks on cardiac arrhythmias that our electrophysiologists and other doctors learned from. He will share information about the different types of afib, why sinus rhythm is so important, and how treatment differs for those who are symptomatic vs. asymptomatic. Finally, he’ll cover whether afib patients should start with medications or a catheter ablation, and whether pacemakers play a role in managing afib.

Register here for the conference to hear from Dr. Prystowsky and to have the opportunity to talk directly with him during a breakout session:

Hear Directly From One Of The World’s Foremost Afib Experts.

Dr. Prystowsky is a leader in helping healthcare professionals learn how to deliver excellent patient-centered care, and has brought in our patient organization, StopAfib.org, to help healthcare professionals understand what it is like to live with afib.

He sets the standard when it comes to engaging patients in their care, which led us to bestow upon him the first-ever Advocate for Patients Award. In his honor, we renamed it to the Eric N. Prystowsky, MD Advocate for Patients Award.

In addition to giving the opening keynote, he will participate later that same day in the Getting the Best Care panel (an attendee favorite!) to help afib patients and their loved ones know how to work most effectively with their healthcare team.

Dr. Prystowsky truly wants everyone who attends the conference to walk away with the knowledge to take control of their afib and get their lives back. We’re so thrilled that he comes back each year to speak at the conference to help you.

We’re also delighted that he joined our Board of Directors a few years ago, where he helps to open doors for us and for you, so this conference can continue to exceed our wildest expectations in terms of what we can provide for you.

Dr. Prystowsky is representative of the knowledgeable, caring speakers invited to speak at this years’ conference because we know their work (through having collaborated with them) and have heard them speak many times.

You have a phenomenal opportunity—one you won’t get anywhere else—to hear them present in this patient-centric environment and to ask them your questions.

We couldn’t be more excited to invite you to be there with us, virtually … when you are, you’ll also get to see Dr. Prystowsky present the Advocate for Patients Award that bears his name to this year’s recipient.

You can register here, now:

Hear From A True Patient Ally And Advocate.

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