2013 Atrial Fibrillation Conference: Afib Medications & Stroke Prevention: Eric Prystowsky

Get in Rhythm, Stay in Rhythm Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference
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Here, Dr. Eric Prystowsky discusses treatments for atrial fibrillation, including rate control and rhythm control, as well as use of anticoagulants to prevent afib-related strokes.

At the conclusion of his presentation, StopAfib.org founder Mellanie True Hills bestowed upon Dr. Prystowsky the first ever “Advocate for Patients” Award for his work in bringing afib patients to the table where decisions are made about our care and his ongoing quest to “Preserve the Brain” through educating doctors and patients.

Learn how to get in rhythm and stay in rhythm by watching videos of the Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference that was held in Dallas on November 2, 2013. At the conference, presentations by leading afib experts provided atrial fibrillation patients, families, and caregivers with the information to manage afib and get appropriate care. See more conference videos


2 Responses to 2013 Atrial Fibrillation Conference: Afib Medications & Stroke Prevention: Eric Prystowsky

  • marvin resnick says:

    I found Dr. Eric to be interesting. I could have used more showing of his charts so I could write them down.
    Also more detail into the different types of ablation. For example Barnes Hospital here in St. Louis has their own method. It would have helped me with any decision I may be forced to make.
    Never been shocked out of a-fib. Now years after (I am now 86) if is too late, I believe to even consider that. Am I wrong?
    Sincerely, Mike Resnick

    • mmoss says:

      Hi Mike, if you’d like to look at each slide more, you can pause the video before continuing. The ablation videos are still being processed and will be posted soon. Regarding being shocked, or cardioverted, that is something to discuss with your doctors, and it is decided on a case-by-case basis.


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