Twitter: Atrial Fibrillation Tweets

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Who StopAfib Follows on Twitter

Here are some of the folks that we follow on Twitter. You may find them valuable, too. Some are about atrial fibrillation, afib-related conditions, or heart health. Others provide good health and medical information. Note that some are technical, so a quick perusal of their updates may tell you whether or not you’ll find them valuable.

Atrial Fibrillation & Heart Health Resources

  • AHAScience — American Heart Association science news
  • BCMHouston — Baylor College of Medicine 
  • bmj_latest — British Medical Journal
  • Cardiology — American College of Cardiology Advocacy 
  • CardioNews — Cardiology News
  • Cardiotweet — Cardiology updates
  • cpcannon — American College of Cardiology’s Cardiosource editor  
  • escardio — European Society of Cardiology
  • hearthub — American Heart Association consumer info 
  • heartRN — Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute nurse
  • HEARTSTRONG1 — Cardiac Nurse Practitioner interested in Heart Health  
  • medpagetoday — Peer reviewed medical news for clinicians
  • Medscape — Health and medical news and alerts
  • MDLinx — Medical journal articles 
  • ORLive — Live and on-demand surgery on
  • sciencedaily — ScienceDaily news, including health
  • theheartorg — Shelley Wood, managing editor, heartwire on
  • theheartorgBlog — Dr Eric Topol & Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley blog
  • TheHSF — Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada 

Health & Medicine Journalists & Media 

  • AHCJ_Pia — Association of Health Care Journalists
  • aliciaault — Health and medical writer who covers the FDA
  • droz — Cardiothoracic surgeon, Oprah contributor, & host of The Dr. Oz Show
  • elizcohencnn — CNN sr. medical correspondent and The Empowered Patient on 
  • elizmech — Health and medical news reporter
  • ivanoransky — Reuters Health executive editor
  • KellyBrew — Baltimore Sun medicine/health reporter
  • KimPainterUSA Today health columnist 
  • LisaCollierCool — Health writer for top national magazines (a fav to retweet)
  • LizSzaboUSA TODAY medical news reporter 
  • Maryn McKenna — Magazine and Web journalist, plus @MRSA_blog & @CIDRAP 
  • matthewherperForbes science and medicine reporter 
  • mhuckman — CNBC pharmaceuticals reporter 
  • nytimeshealthNYTimes health news
  • rebecca_ruiz — Forbes health reporter 
  • RitaRubinUSA TODAY medical reporter on drug safety, the FDA, women’s health, and more (the #1 reporter that I retweet
  • sdesmon —  Baltimore Sun health reporter
  • taraparkerpopeNYTimes Well blogger (previously at Wall Street Journal)
  • WSJHealthBlogWall Street Journal HealthBlog

Whom do you find valuable to follow on Twitter for afib, heart, or health information? Please tweet to let us know.