T’was the day of ablation — by Earl Kehr

December 21, 2009 4:17 AM CT

T’was the day of ablation, and deep in my chest
Was a heart that was beating, it’s rhythm a mess
The catheters were hung in the OR with care
In hope that the EP soon would be there

I was placed on a gurney without a word being said
I had visions of NSR running through my head
With nurses in their scrubs, and I in my gown
I was ready to go, to the lab without a sound

I thought it was time, but I failed to see
I needed to go have my TEE
They sprayed my throat, till it was so numby
Then down came the echo, all the way to my tummy

They told me don’t worry, I’ve done plenty of these
Lay back and relax, I can do this with ease
The pictures were fine, they said go on and proceed
Then down the hall they pushed me with blazing speed

The EP Lab was cold, it was filled with equipment
I began to wonder just where I had been sent
A table to lie on; a lot of TV’s I would say
I thought this would be great, on NFL game day

The nurses were calm; in their eye was a gleam
As they shaved body parts, most people hadn’t seen
Naked, embarrassed, and tied to the table
I tried to get up and run, but I was unable.

They said not to worry; they’d take good care of me
They were all smiling broadly, this I could see
They connected the IV, my eyes became heavy
I was quickly asleep, I think they were ready

The procedure was long for them to do
But to me, it lasted only a minute or two
They finished their work and gave me a ZAP
Then I awoke from my very long nap

I was safe in my room, where I had to lay down
For a few hours more, in this very small gown
Well, the time it went by, and I did recover
Then they sent me home, I was glad it was over

The jury’s still out, it takes time you see
To tell if my rhythm will stay here with me
I’m glad that I did this, a help it should be
I thank the doctors and staff at UMMC