SPECIAL OFFER on Heart-Healthy Living magazine

SPECIAL OFFER on Heart-Healthy Living magazine

October 04, 2007 6:20 AM CT

Heart-Healthy Living magazine, a Better Homes & Gardens publication, has made a generous Special Offer for the StopAfib.org community and visitors.

You will receive 2 years (8 issues) of Heart-Healthy Living magazine for the price of just 1 year. It’s just $19.97 for 2 full years – you get a full year Absolutely Free. (For U.S. orders only)

We believe that this special magazine is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in protecting their heart and health. Heart-Healthy Living provides a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Special Offer on Heart-Healthy Living – 2 full years for the price of 1

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StopAfib.org does not benefit in any way, financially or otherwise, from this offer. This transaction is solely between you and Heart-Healthy Living, not StopAfib.org.