Our Gift to You: Watch the 2020 Patient Conference Opening Session

Answers to the Most Common Afib Patient Questions: Our Gift To You

We want to express our gratitude to you for your support throughout this year by giving you a gift.

Because of the pandemic, our 2020 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference was more difficult than ever to produce, but doing it virtually allowed us to invite some world-leaders that we normally cannot get to Dallas.

This year, we had 1,000 people join us from 25 countries, and those who attended absolutely raved over the value they received from the conference.

So many attendees found the opening session to be incredibly valuable that we want to share it with everyone who has afib.  

The opening session featured Dr. Frank Marchlinski doing a keynote address on Answers to the Most Common Afib Patient Questions. That was followed by a question-and-answer session.  

Additionally, Dr. Marchlinski was this year’s recipient of the Eric N. Prystowsky, MD Advocate for Patients Award, so you’ll also get to see Dr. Prystowsky present the award to him and hear why he was so deserving of it. 

We are thrilled to share this amazing session with you. (If you already have access to it as an All Access attendee to the patient conference, please share this with anyone else who needs to know about it.)

You’ll find the video of Dr. Marchlinski’s presentation in the StopAfib.org Library, which you’ll access using the link below.

A Gift For You: Watch the 2020 Patient Conference Opening Session.

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We sincerely hope that you will enjoy this gift!

Here’s that link again for accessing our gift of Dr. Marchlinski’s opening keynote address, which you will find in the StopAfib.org Library at:

Answers to the Most Common Afib Patient Questions: Our Gift To You.