Story Shares our Stressful Disaster

August 14, 2008 6:27 AM CT

Stress is a major problem for all of us, whether or not we have atrial fibrillation. Afib just makes it worse.

Earlier this year, we had a big stressor. The Internet service provider (ISP) for my speaking and consulting business lost the hard drive to their mail server, so we were unable to send or receive e-mail from the business address for days and days. We had happily been with that ISP for our mail and web site for 12 years (yes, I’ve been around the Internet for a long, long time.)

Our e-mail was bouncing, and we had no way of knowing who was sending us e-mail. And they didn’t know either as bounce messages often get filtered out.

It was a nightmare, especially since it was just as we were heading into Heart Month (February), our busiest month of the year. Now that was stressful!

We were lucky. The great folks at Etna Interactive, who do the web site, jumped in and helped us recover, moving our business mail and web site over quickly to their servers as I was zooming in and out of town and calling them from one airport after another. They saved us, and my health as well.

A writer for recently experienced an e-mail disaster. As I shared my experience, she realized that there is life after e-mail disaster. She shared my experiences at in Hell Is Losing Your E-mail Address.

It’s painful when it’s happening, but you get past it. But you never want it to happen again. It’s too stressful!