Managing Afib During a Pandemic: Answering Your Vaccine Questions

Do you have questions? How to protect yourself.

With COVID-19 vaccine distribution taking place, many of you have asked us vaccine questions as you ponder whether to get it.  

To answer those questions, we’re happy to announce the newest webinar in our Get Back to Care Webinar Series:

Managing Afib During a Pandemic: Answering Your Vaccine Questions features clinical cardiac electrophysiologist and translational scientist Mina Chung, MD, FHRS. Dr. Chung and I hope this webinar will give you information you can use to protect yourself from COVID-19.

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In this webinar, you will be able to ask your questions to get a greater understanding about protecting yourself from COVID-19. We’ll also talk about:

  • What we know about the risks from COVID-19 for afib patients.
  • Typical conditions afib patients have that may convey additional risk.
  • How afib patients (and others at high risk) can protect themselves.
  • Considerations for afib patients in deciding whether to get the vaccine.
  • What afib patients can expect when they get the vaccine.

If you have questions about protecting yourself from COVID-19, and specifically about whether it’s safe to get the vaccine, we hope you’ll watch Managing Afib During a Pandemic: Answering Your Vaccine Questions.

Watch the webinar replay now on our Library.