Life is Too Short to Live in Atrial Fibrillation — How Can Help You

December 29, 2015

  • Summary:  Learn what atrial fibrillation resources are available to you at
  • Reading and watching time: 4 minutes

How can help you? In this video, learn more about the afib resources that we offer. 

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Mellanie True Hills, CEO and founder of After a brush with death from heart disease and a close call with stroke from atrial fibrillation, I got a second chance at life. (00:15) I left behind my high-tech executive life to help others avoid heart disease and stroke. That’s why I created in 2007. Since then, this tiny (00:30) nonprofit has grown into the most trusted and most visited atrial fibrillation site in the world. offers a vast array of resources for those suffering from atrial fibrillation, afib for short (00:45). As a major cause of strokes, afib is the most common irregular heartbeat or heart rhythm. To raise awareness about afib, provides a wealth of information for patients and for those in the healthcare community (1:00). In addition, offers several useful services, such as an Afib Specialist Finder and discussion forums where patients can share experiences and ask questions (1:15). Through, the Atrial Fibrillation Blog, and the StopAfib Discussion Forum, we serve a global audience.

Since our founding in 2007, millions of patients and family members from 197 countries have benefited from our work (1:30). doesn’t stand alone. We’ve partnered with the major medical societies and other patient organizations to raise awareness and to advocate for afib patients (1:45). We also collaborated with the Discovery Channel on a documentary to raise awareness of afib and afib-related strokes. We’ve participated in coalitions and healthcare think tanks around the globe. (2:00) We’ve also partnered in the Facing Afib Campaign featuring actress Susan Lucci and her husband and the AF Stat Coalition featuring NBA Hall-of-Famer Jerry West.

I was fortunate to follow Barry Manilow at the podium in front of members of Congress (2:15) to raise awareness of atrial fibrillation and to ask for support for the Atrial Fibrillation Resolution. Chances are, you or someone you know has afib. So visit (2:30). There you can find the Get Started Learning about Afib Guide, view videos of top afib experts, and give your support to the Sign Against Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation Campaign (2:45). You can help us at to continue building and sharing this vital information. Please consider donating. It’s as simple as clicking our Donate button — it’s fast and easy — to help us keep saving lives (3:00), maybe even yours or a loved ones’.

And remember, life’s too short to live in afib.