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Invaluable afib conference videos, at no cost.

At, our mission is to empower you with the information you need to take control of your afib and treatment and to get your life back.

We constantly consider how we can get that information to you in the most efficient way.

We’d like to introduce our new Library, an invaluable collection of conference replays, master classes, and webinars.

You can sign up here to create a library account, and when you do, you’ll have access to more than 70 hours’ worth of carefully curated video content at no cost to you:

Discover Your One-Stop Source For Reliable Afib Information.

When you go to the link and create your Library account, you’ll discover a unique opportunity for you to hear directly from the afib experts (those who our doctors learn from) about a variety of afib-related topics.

Here’s just a taste of the video content available in the Library now:

  • Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference Replays—Each annual afib conference is packed with information from the world-renowned afib experts who are in the trenches, treating patients and innovating future solutions.
  • The Afib Master Class—Renowned electrophysiologist, Eric Prystowsky, MD answers 33 common questions from afib patients and their families about rate control, rhythm control, catheter ablation, and stroke prevention. You’ll hear how a doctor thinks about how to treat us so you can use your new understanding to work with your own doctors to make treatment decisions.
  • Preventing Afib Strokes Webinar—World-renowned anticoagulant expert Elaine Hylek, MD presents on what you need to know about anticoagulants.
  • Afib Genetics, Risk Factors, and Prevention Webinar—Renowned afib genetics expert Emelia Benjamin, MD presents about the role of lifestyle and prevention in managing afib.
  • Devices for Preventing Afib Strokes Webinar—Renowned electrophysiologist Christopher Ellis, MD presents about devices that can prevent a stroke if you can’t take blood thinners (or prefer not to).
  • Expert Advice to Get the Right Treatment for You Webinar—Discover how to work with your doctor and your insurance plan to receive the medication and care you need, featuring Eric Prystowsky, MD.
  • What Afib Patients Should Know About the CABANA Trial Webinar—Learn about the CABANA Trial results and implications of those results for your treatment from CABANA principal investigator Douglas Packer, MD.

We’re so excited to offer you access to the Library, which is a credible, reliable, and expanding resource for you and your family!

Follow this link to learn more and create your account at no cost: 

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P.S. The Library contains more than 70 hours’ worth of video content, which you can watch at no cost, and we plan to add more as it becomes available. This is a unique opportunity for afib patients and their family members to access presentations, on a variety of topics, from the experts in afib.

Follow this link to begin setting up your account:

Access Credible Information From The Experts In Afib, At No Cost.