Help Preserve Atrial Fibrillation Ablations

We need those with afib in the US to help preserve catheter ablations by sending comments using a site endorsed by the Heart Rhythm Society (the electrophysiologist medical society).

We need at least 10,000 people to comment in the next week! So let’s make our voices heard. Please ask 2-4 friends and family members to do the same by sharing this post widely. The steps below should only take a minute!

Follow These Steps

Go to and follow these simple steps:

  1. Scroll down the page (or click on a red button) to see your representatives listed. [If those are not your representatives, click on “Not your Reps?” to enter your address and click Submit to see the updated reps.]
    You may get a warning that the site is Safe but is new and asks for personal information; that will likely go away as more of us use it to submit our comments.
  2. Click “Edit and Send Email.”
  3. In the Subject line, select Healthcare from the list.   
  4. Simply use the boilerplate text or customize it as below.
    [Optional] Customizations could include your personal perspectives or experiences in a few sentences. You might put them somewhere after the first paragraph. Comments should be constructive, not critical. For example, you might mention some of the following:
    I am an afib patient (or caregiver or family member of an afib patient). I want to continue to have access to catheter ablation.
    Catheter ablation has improved my (or a loved one’s) quality of life and stopped my symptoms.
    Here are things I have been able to do due to having an ablation…
    I want to have access to a catheter ablation sometime soon.
    Not having access to a catheter ablation would hurt me in the following ways…
    Access to this life-enhancing procedure should be available to all afib patients. Unfortunately, few physicians are trained and qualified to perform this highly-specialized procedure (especially in underserved communities). Thus it is vital to ensure fair reimbursement to allow all afib patients equitable access to ablation.
  5. When you’re ready to submit it, click the “Continue” button, add your name and address (so your representatives know that you are a constituent), include your email address and phone number, and then click Send.

Please do it NOW! If you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us.

We’re grateful to the EP Advocacy Foundation, a leading voice for EP physicians, for creating this simple way for us to contact our reps about this critical issue.

Thanks for your help.

To read the backstory, go here.