Heartline Study is Looking for Afib Patients 65+ with an iPhone and Medicare Coverage

Heartline Study is a heart-health study from Johnson & Johnson in collaboration with Apple

October 19, 2022

  • Summary: The Heartline Study is looking for afib patients 65+ with an iPhone and Medicare coverage to join this heart-health study.
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The Heartline Study is a heart-health study from Johnson & Johnson in collaboration with Apple.

The study aims to determine if an app-based heart health engagement program combined with an Apple Watch can help with earlier detection of atrial fibrillation.

In addition, the study includes a heart-health engagement program paired with medication adherence tools for those with afib who are on blood thinners (oral anticoagulants). The aim is to determine if these interventions can help participants live a heart healthy life and manage their medication intake.

We need afib patients to participate in this study. By doing so, you may earn monetary rewards.

To participate, afib patients must meet qualifications including:

  • Age 65 or more
  • US resident
  • Have been diagnosed with afib by a healthcare professional
  • Have been on anticoagulant medication (blood thinner) for at least 30 days (Eliquis, Pradaxa, Savaysa, or Xarelto) 
  • Have Medicare coverage (Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage)
  • Have an iPhone 6s or later, with iOS 15 or later

If you’re asked to be in the study group that wears an Apple Watch, you’ll be able to purchase a watch at a study-specific price or borrow one for the duration of the study.

To learn more about the Heartline Study and get started in one simple step (download the app), go to:

Heartline Study

If you want to learn more about the Heartline Study, check out these additional resources: 

Please note:

  • Our founder, Mellanie True Hills, is a member of the Heartline Study Steering Committee and is very passionate about the value of this study for afib patients.
  • Johnson & Johnson is a StopAfib.org Corporate Forum Member and has provided support to StopAfib.org through this membership.