Join Us: Give Hope to Those Living With Atrial Fibrillation by Supporting Patient-driven Afib Research

100% of your gift goes to Prof. Bianca Brundel’s patient-initiated and patient-driven afib research

December 22, 2021

  • Summary:  Watch Prof. Bianca Brundel’s presentation about patient-driven and patient-initiated afib research and help us support this research—100% goes directly to this research.
  • Reading time:  2–3 minutes.

This Giving Season, you can give hope—leave a legacy—by supporting research to help those living with atrial fibrillation. Specifically, the vital afib research Prof. Brundel and her team perform.

Prof. Brundel is at the leading edge of practical research for afib, and we were thrilled that she joined us for the 2021 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Virtual Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference. In her Practical Afib Research presentation, Prof. Brundel provided up-to-date information about research that may directly benefit those living with afib.

To illustrate the value of her research, we’re providing you with free access (for a limited time) to the recordings of her presentation and the Q&A session that followed it. Click below to watch them now.

Thanks to her patient-driven research, we are learning practical ways to manage our afib. For example, her research examines the role of supplements that can help with afib and describes the underlying mechanisms that cause them to work. She also included background on what’s been done and insights into what still needs to be done to find solutions.

Prof. Brundel is a professor in the physiology department at the Amsterdam University Medical Center in The Netherlands and is the founder of the nonprofit Atrial Fibrillation Innovation Platform that promotes studies in collaboration with patients. It focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms and progression of afib.

Join us in supporting Prof. Brundel’s research to find answers for those with afib. 100% of these funds will go directly to support her research. You can help support Prof. Brundel’s essential research through a tax-deductible (see below) charitable contribution? You can donate here:

Donate To Support Afib Research.

(If you’d prefer to donate through your retirement fund, let us know if you have questions—just send us a message via the Contact Us link above.)

This is an opportunity to not only take action to find solutions to afib, but to leave a legacy—these donations can help our children and grandchildren to prevent afib. Thank you in advance for supporting this vital research. You can donate at this link:

Join Us: Give Hope to Those Living with Afib.

To your health,

Mellanie True Hills
Founder and CEO,

P.S. We heard from conference attendees that seeing Prof. Brundel’s presentation and Q&A session brought them a greater understanding of the importance of her patient-initiated and patient-driven research. That’s why we’re making the recordings available to you. If you didn’t get to see the sessions with Prof. Brundel at the patient conference, here is where you can see the Practical Afib Research Presentation and the Q&A session.

P.P.S. In the U.S., you usually can’t deduct charitable contributions if you take a standard deduction. However, for 2021, you can deduct up to $300 per person ($600 per married couple filing jointly) in charitable contributions even if you take the standard deduction. If you do itemize, you can take up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income. (See IRS news story here.)