Announcing Team AFib, a new coalition to advocate for atrial fibrillation patients, which includes

Thanks to all of you who tuned into the inaugural Team AFib webinar “AFib: When Stroke Strikes.” As an organization committed to improving the lives of patients everywhere, is proud to be a part of Team AFib, a coalition of leading organizations dedicated to creating awareness and advocacy around AFib and its link to stroke. Read below and check out our new website——to learn more about some of our upcoming initiatives!

Introducing Team AFib Team Afib logo

Team AFib is a newly-formed coalition of organizations that advocates for patients—specifically those who have atrial fibrillation or AFib, a form of heart arrhythmia that may lead to stroke. Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a company committed to the AFib community, sponsors Team AFib and our initiatives. Visit to learn more about what we’re doing, opt-in to stay informed and read insights from other people impacted by AFib.

Experience AFib InSight™

Team AFib would like to invite you to join us on our national tour as we work together to raise awareness about AFib and its link to an increased risk for stroke. AFib InSight is an exciting new experience that takes viewers on a 3-D journey through the body to show how AFib can lead to stroke. We’ll be stopping at consumer events across the nation throughout 2011—so make sure to see if we’ll be near you!



WRAL Wellness Weekend
(Raleigh, NC)

May 14–15

7NBC CW56 Partners Healthcare Health & Fitness Expo
(Boston, MA)

June 25–26

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) National Convention
(San Antonio, TX)

Aug 27-Sept 1

Life @50+ AARP Nation Event & Expo
(Long Beach, CA)

Sept 22–24

KNBC Health & Fitness Expo
(Los Angeles, CA)

Oct 1–2

NBC Chicago Health & Fitness Expo
(Chicago, IL)

Oct (Date TBD)

Schedules and locations are subject to change.

View Team AFib’s Webinar

For those of you who missed Team AFib’s recent webinar, “AFib: When Stroke Strikes,” an archive of the webinar will be available at in the coming weeks. Be sure to check it out to learn how to recognize and respond quickly to stroke signs and symptoms and understand the link between AFib and stroke.

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