ACTION REQUESTED: Submit comments to the US Federal Trade Commission by May 25

May 18, 2022

  • Summary: Your voice was heard! Now, submit comments to the Federal Trade Commission as it investigates Pharmacy Benefits Managers, so this doesn’t happen again!
  • Reading time: 2–3 minutes

Your Voice Was Heard!

Last fall, we realized that CVS Caremark, which manages prescription medications for many US health insurance plans, was dropping Eliquis, Pradaxa, and Savaysa from their formulary. So we asked you to Take Action Immediately. And you did!

They heard you! CVS Caremark is adding Eliquis (though not Pradaxa or Savaysa) back to their formulary on July 1, 2022. They will cover it as before, as of that date, but it will not appear in their formulary until October 1, 2022.

We have been told that patients will not be notified. Therefore, it is on you to make sure they follow through and help others who have been affected know about this change back.

Now, we have an even more significant opportunity. The Federal Trade Commission is investigating practices by these prominent Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs), like CVS Caremark, and how their business practices hurt patients, physicians, and others. We need to ensure that no one else has to go through this, and we have an opportunity to do so.

The following section details what you can do. But time is limited as this must be submitted by May 25, 2022.

Submit Comments to the Federal Trade Commission, Which is Investigating These PBMs

Pharmacy Benefits Managers’ practices have hurt patients immensely. Many of you were hurt when CVS Caremark dropped Eliquis, Pradaxa, and Savaysa for this year. You were subject to Non-Medical Switching, a practice where CVS Caremark overruled you and your doctor, refusing to cover previously covered medications.

People have had adverse events resulting from this change, and that should not be allowed to happen. And many of you could no longer afford your medications and were thus switched to the drugs they said you could have, regardless of what you and your doctor knew to be best for you.

If one PBM gets away with it, others will try it. Thus, we are ALL AT RISK!

We need to double down and not let them get by with it. No one should have to go through this. Here are two things we can do (if the first doesn’t apply to you, go on to the second as it requires more details below).

  • If you live in Minnesota or Pennsylvania, and CVS Caremark switched you to a medication you (and your doctor) didn’t choose, please contact us here if you would be willing to share your story with your legislators in Washington, DC. We may have an opportunity for you.
  • Please share your comments with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for its investigation into “the practices of Pharmacy Benefits Managers (PBMs) and their impact on patients [and] physicians.” If you were affected by CVS Caremark dropping Eliquis, Pradaxa, and Savaysa, or other patient-harming practices, please submit your comments to the FTC, as detailed below. The deadline for comments is May 25, 2022.

Follow the steps below to Submit Your Comments to the FTC.

  1. In the Comment field, type your comments. They should be factual and concise. Don’t include personal information in your comments.
  2. You may attach files, such as the letter you received from CVS Caremark. Please redact (blackout) any personal information first.
  3. Enter your Email Address, and if you’d like a confirmation, click the checkbox.
  4. For Identity, select the box that says “An Individual” or “Anonymous.”
  5. If you selected Individual, enter your name.
  6. Check the “I’m not a robot” box.
  7. Click Submit Comment.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using this link: Contact Us