2019 Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference Sunday Morning Program

We are thrilled to announce some exciting, brand-new content for you on Sunday morning during the 2019 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference.

Sunday morning’s first session is devoted to Digital Health; although we’ve had presentations on this topic at previous conferences, this is the first time we’ve offered an entire session on it, and the first time we’ve gone into this kind of depth. Not only that, but both of the presenters who are speaking Sunday morning are rock stars in this space!

(If you’re ready to reserve your spot for the conference, which is August 9–11 in Dallas, you can do so here, now, before registration closes August 5):

Discover How Your Smart Devices Can Help Monitor Your Afib.

Here’s a breakdown of Sunday morning’s Digital Health session (please keep in mind this isn’t the full conference agenda. For more information, visit the conference webpage by clicking the link above):

Marco Perez, MD: Digital Health and Monitoring of Afib  

Dr. Perez is the co-principal investigator of the “Apple Heart Study,” (a collaboration between Stanford University and Apple). He’ll report on this landmark study, in which almost 420,000 people participated (it was done mostly on the participants’ Apple watches!). Dr. Perez will discuss digital health and the monitoring of afib; specifically, he will talk about devices and tools for diagnosing and monitoring afib, and personal health tools for managing our afib risk factors.  

David Albert, MD: What You Should Know About the Monitoring of Afib

Dr. Albert is the founder of AliveCor (one of our sponsors) and the creator of the AliveCor KardiaMobile device, which was the first smartphone-based EKG device. It can take an EKG in just 30 seconds and tell you whether you have afib. You can then send the rhythm strips to your doctor. He’ll discuss what afib patients need to know about monitoring with the KardiaMobile and other screening devices and apps. He’ll also explain what afib patients should understand and look for on ECGs, and how patients and doctors can work together effectively in sharing this data.

Both doctors will also participate in a Q&A session with me before the final session.

Finally, we’ll wrap up the conference with a powerful Living with Afib session (during which I share information on topics we haven’t covered throughout the weekend), and then, a Takeaway session (during which attendees are invited to share their perspectives around what they learned that may impact their afib or personal experiences that they believe will be of value to others). Every year, the takeaways segment ends the conference on a high note, thanks in large part to what attendees share.

Again, we are so excited to offer you three days of powerful presentations from the world’s leaders in afib!

We’re confident you’ll leave the conference empowered with knowledge and tools to better manage your afib and work more effectively with your healthcare team.

Registration closes August 5, so reserve your spot now, here:

It’s Time To Get Your Life Back! Join Us August 9–11 In Dallas.

To your health,

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Mellanie True Hills
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P.S. As a friendly reminder, registration closes August 5. We’re excited about all our presentations, and look forward to sharing the latest on Digital Health Sunday morning. You may be surprised at what your smart devices can do! Attend the 2019 Get in Rhythm. Stay in Rhythm.® Atrial Fibrillation Patient Conference, August 9–11 in Dallas, by reserving your spot here:

Learn What Your Smartphone Can Do To Provide You Peace Of Mind.

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