Join the Conversation about Women Living with Atrial Fibrillation on The Patient’s Experience teleseminar

Eliz Greene, director of the Embrace Your Heart Wellness Initiative, interviews Mellanie True Hills, founder of, about living with atrial fibrillation

Call rescheduled to September 12 due to downed phone lines.

All women living with heart disease or atrial fibrillation, those who treat them and those who love them are invited to join the conversation.

DATE: September 12, 2007
TIME: 8:00 PM Central Time
Call In Number: 712-432-3900
Access Code: 5243211#

Topics to discuss:

  • What is it like to live with Afib?
  • How to convince your doctor you are not a hysterical female
  • Can you manage Afib through diet and medication?
  • What can you do if the medication doesn’t work?
  • Your concerns and challenges

Want more information, or have a question, comment or experience to share? Send an e-mail to the host, Eliz Greene, at [email protected] Please include your first name (some help with how to pronounce it, if needed), your state and a brief description of what you’d like to share so we can add your perspective to the call.