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Are you at risk of bleeding from anticoagulants Coumadin or warfarin: New “HAS-BLED” tool assesses risk for those with atrial fibrillation

One of the most common questions we get centers around the use of anticoagulant drugs—either the brand drug, Coumadin, or the generic version, warfarin—and whether or not an atrial fibrillation patient should be on them. Anticoagulants decrease stroke risk, but can also increase bleeding risk. How do you sort it all out? It's just as …

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Dr. Lishan Aklog Answers Atrial Fibrillation Patient Question About Amiodarone

At, we asked Dr. Lishan Aklog, Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery at The Heart and Lung Institute of St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, to address an atrial fibrillation patient question regarding the use of amiodarone for mini maze surgery. You will find his answer here: FAQ:  Dr. Lishan Aklog Addresses Patient Question on  Whether to Use Amiodarone …

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